The Legend
Hello from Pennsylvania Dutch Country!

It is with great pride that I share with you my story of the generations of great men who have passed down our original family recipe and how it comes to be in the hands of our loyal customers today.

My father, grandfather, and great grandfather were farmers, and, adhering to their “from my hands, to my table” principle, smoked a great deal of their own meats. It is from this line of men that our 19th century family recipe originated. As for myself, I was a carpenter. My father would always joke that the family motto would have to be changed to “from my hands, to my table that my son Dave made.” While the craftsmanship of woodworking gave a unique satisfaction, my friends, family, and every natural urge within me guided my hands to the creation of my first smokehouse.

With the help of my wife and children, we began making our gourmet smoked jerky for family and friends, and soon could scarcely produce enough of it to meet their constant demands for more. They loved the natural smoked flavor that our customers continue to enjoy today. (As far as our family is concerned, liquid smoke is a disgusting insult to the world of jerky.) From our original recipe came our other flavors. Our Sweet flavor musters up hints of brown sugar and bologna, and our Cajun satisfies the connoisseur looking for that extra kick. Our Steakhouse is our newest flavor, and the feedback dictates that it is here to stay!

To this day, everyone who tries the jerky marvels at its quality and succulent complexity of flavor. The 100% natural, preservative-free jerky is smoked to perfection in small batches using maple and fruit woods in our custom smokehouse. We use only the finest USDA choice certified bottom round beef.

We love what we do, and we stand behind the excellence of our product- we wouldn’t sell it otherwise. If you haven’t already, give it a try. We are certain you will be glad that you did.

Our Process

The beef jerky artisans at Crazy Horse Jerky hand-craft the most succulent naturally-smoked gourmet beef jerky in small batches. Our beef jerky is smoked in our own smokehouse using natural fruitwoods for smoke, NOT chemicals or liquid smoke.