We are offering our new meat sticks in four flavors :



Sweet and Spicy


The original has a nice smokey flavor and a lite snap and is made from beef and chicken blend.

The heat of the hot builds and is a little delayed but offers a nice heat to the stick and is an all beef stick

The Sweet and Spicy offers the sweetness to the palette first followed by a nice kick. They are a blend of beef and chicken

The Mild is an all beef stick with a nice snap

The beef sticks have a long shelf life although they are GLUTEN FREE

We hope you enjoy our new CRAZY GOOD MEAT STICKS!!

Each 6 oz pack has 9 sticks

Each 1 Lb pack has about 34 sticks


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Price: from $6.99

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The beef jerky artisans at Crazy Horse Jerky hand-craft the most succulent naturally-smoked gourmet beef jerky in small batches. Our beef jerky is smoked in our own smokehouse using natural fruitwoods for smoke, NOT chemicals or liquid smoke.